Les crises balkaniques - SFR

Historique balkans

Guerre en Yougoslavie. Rétrospective de lhistoire des Balkans. PR réfugiés albanais du Kosovo - PE réfugiés - Cartes géographiques de la...

Lindépendance des peuples

Vers la Grande Guerre.

Tinderbox Europe From Balkan Troubles to World War I PRELUDE TO WW1 - Part 2/3

After multiple wars, the Balkan states had gained independence from the Ottoman Empire. At the same time, Austria-Hungary increased its influence over the...

Crisis in the Balkans

Balkan Wars 3 Minute History

Both the First and Second.

Immigration Crisis Rocks Serbia and Balkans NATO Destabilization Tactic - Joaquin

Crise migratoire: peut-être de nouvelles fermetures de frontières dans les Balkans

Dans le froid et dans la brume, ils sont plus de 3.000 migrants à être arrivés cette nuit à la frontière entre la Serbie et la Croatie. Le poste frontière de Berkasovo...

Borders close around Hungary as Balkans feel the weight of refugee crisis

The Balkans this weekend resembles a pinball machine, with people being flipped from border to border by states unwilling to let them in, or pass through.

Ukraine Crisis: US, Bulgaria to Hold Balkans Military Drills

nato members Bulgaria and the US will hold a series of joint military drills in the course of the next three and a half months, following recent naval drills in the...

Europes Migrant Crisis Revives Old Tensions in Balkans

Europes migrant crisis is reviving old tensions in the Balkans among Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia and Slovenia dating back to the 1990s breakup of Yugoslavia...